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Life Between Life Regression

“We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual. It is our destiny to shuttle back and forth between these universes through space and time while we learn to master ourselves and acquire knowledge.”


Dr Michael Newton

Life Between Life Regression

What is Life Between Life Regression?


Life Between Life Regression (LBLR) is a guided journey to the spiritual realms, a place our soul calls ‘home’ and what we normally refer to as ‘heaven’ or ‘the afterlife’.  After death our soul departs our physical body, returning home in spiritual form to reconnect with our higher self, soul groups, spirit guides and other highly evolved beings.  

Our soul spends an extended period in the spiritual realms prior to departing for our next incarnation. LBLR is an incredible, spiritually enlightening process that allows you to experience the wonders of the spiritual realms and discover what actually occurs in between lives.

Through this exploration, we can discover our life purpose, learn about soul agreements made prior to birth, understand why we chose this body and particular life experience, gain knowledge from our soul family, as well as ask questions of highly evolved beings.  

What happens during a typical LBLR experience?


LBLR is completed over 2 separate sessions.

The first session lasting approximately 2.5 hours involves a 60-minute pretalk to gather information, as well as answering any questions you may have.

The remaining 90 minutes are dedicated to the exploration of your most recent past life. I commence the Past Life Regression (PLR) by applying relaxation techniques to induce a relaxed, calm state. I then direct you to memories and events from your most recent past life. As I gently guide you through significant life events, you will be able to talk to me freely sharing your experiences and observations. The PLR will conclude with guiding you through to the close of that life.


The second session lasting between 3 to 4 hours begins with the application of the same relaxation techniques as used in the initial session. I start with a brief revisit of memories and events from the past life exploration. On close of that life, you will be guided to the spirit realms to experience and learn from time spent as your ‘higher self’, prior to incarnating into your current life.


At the end of each session there will be time for a debrief and general discussion.



  • Do I need to believe in reincarnation?


No, regardless of your beliefs you can still successfully experience this amazing life-changing process. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, is not important. What is important, is that you receive the necessary healing and obtain the knowledge required, to move forward in life in a positive, peaceful, loving, and empowering way.

  • Are sessions confidential?


I take my client’s privacy and confidentiality very seriously. All sessions are treated as strictly confidential.

  • How do I prepare for a session?


To allow your session to flow as freely and naturally as possible, please come with an open mind, with no preconceived ideas or expectations. It’s recommended not to consume alcohol the night before and to get a good night’s sleep. Ensure you eat a light meal prior to your session time. Put aside ample time to attend the session, as well as at least an additional 30 minutes on conclusion of the session, to fully ground yourself afterwards. To ensure no disruptions, please switch all devices off or place them on silent mode. If you are attending a session remotely from home, please advise other people in your residence of the need for no disruptions during your allocated session time. Please wear comfortable warm clothing. If attending the session remotely find a location where you can comfortably lie down for several hours, preferably a bed or large couch.


  • Is regression therapy suitable for everyone?


In some instances, regression therapy may not be suitable.

Regression is contra-indicated for people suffering from serious mental health problems or psychiatric illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, clinical depression, clinical anorexia, or dementia. If you are currently under the treatment of a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, please speak with your medical specialist first to ensure the suitability of this therapy and if applicable obtain an appropriate specialist referral. Those under the influence of recreational drugs or on high levels of psychotic medication such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs are not deemed suitable.

Women who are pregnant should not be regressed and children under the age of 16 unless parental consent is provided.


  • Can someone else attend a session with me?


To ensure your session flows freely and with no distractions, it is highly recommended to attend a session alone.

If you however feel strongly about another person accompanying you, it is allowed. Please do bear in mind though, another person known to you in the room may hold you back from having a full experience or disclosing all details during the session, especially if that person is a member of your soul group or a negative individual from a past life.

  • What is hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a naturally altered state of awareness in which the client is more inwardly focused and relaxed, like daydreaming, reading a book, waking from a deep sleep or any form of meditation.

In this relaxed and calm state, the unconscious mind which stores current and past life memories become more active.

The conscious mind is also active, but to a much lesser degree than during normal waking hours. Our main senses of sound, touch, taste, and smell are still active, except for sight due to our eyes being closed.

In this state of relaxation, you are completely aware of your surroundings, able to make rational decisions and respond to the therapist provided you are not in a deep trance or delta state, which is achieved when sleeping.

Hypnotherapy is often misunderstood, mainly due to people’s ideas regarding stage hypnotherapy. Many people believe that a hypnotherapist can make you do something against your will, as is often portrayed in stage shows. This is not true! You are always totally in control and can choose to come out of trance at any time. Your unconscious mind has a strong directive to always protect and keep you safe.

  • Can everyone be hypnotised?


Given that hypnotherapy is a naturally altered state we experience each day, yes, it is possible that everyone has the potential to be hypnotised. If you however encounter difficulties, in achieving a trance state conducive to regression therapy, various relaxation techniques can be shared with you, to assist in training your mind and body to achieve the necessary level of relaxation required for trance.


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