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Past Life Regression Workshop

Embark on an Incredible Journey to Your Past Life with Bridget!

Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you ever experienced déjà vu or felt as though you have lived a previous life? Perhaps you have had a vivid dream of being someone completely different? If so, Bridget invites you to join her on a fun 2 hour group workshop, to journey through time to experience living another life, your Past Life.

During this incredible journey, Bridget will guide you to a past life that your "Higher Self" has chosen for you. This past life will offer valuable insights and lessons to help you in your current life.

You will discover that death is not the end, but rather a continuation of your soul's eternal journey. You will meet your Spirit Guide and work with them to review your past life experience. You will learn of past life soul lessons which are repeating in your current life and be given guidance from your Spirit Guide as to how to master these lessons in your current life.

This journey will not only satisfy your curiosity, but it will also broaden your view of life in general, provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your life purpose.

Sydney Workshop Outline

We’ll start with an opening circle to foster connection among group participants. Bridget will then explain hypnosis and what to expect during the past life regression, with time allowed for any questions.

After that, simply relax, lie down on your yoga mat, close your eyes, and listen to Bridget’s voice. Through hypnosis, Bridget will guide you to a medium level trance state, much like when meditating, and gently lead you to explore a past life.

Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to write down and optionally share your experiences with the group.We will conclude with light refreshments and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals.


Visit to purchase tickets and check upcoming Sydney workshop locations, dates and times.



Workshops are a wonderful way to experience hypnosis and discover a past life, but sometimes you may require individual attention and healing. Book an individual Past Life, Life Between Life or Current Life Regression session with Bridget, for a more in-depth personalised experience, in which healing and spiritual transformation can be provided.

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