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Face Reading

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another” 


William Shakespeare, Hamlet, ACT III, SC.1, Line 150

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What is Face Reading?

Our face is the blueprint of who we are and who we may become. All our facial features, lines, and markings on the face tell the story of our life events - past, present, and future, as well as our personality, health, talents and strengths, challenges, and weaknesses.

A face reading session will provide you with the unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level with who you really are. Acknowledging your strengths and talents, creating more balance in your life, as well as allowing you to rediscover aspects of yourself that are hidden, waiting to be acknowledged.

The benefits of a Face Reading are varied and can help with:

  • Personal growth.

  • Personal and professional relationships.

  • Career development.

  • Dynamics in family and friendships.

  • Health challenges.



  • How should I prepare for a Face Reading session?


A face reading can be done either online via Zoom, or in person from my home studio. 


To prepare for your session, you will need to email 2 days prior to your appointment, 4 photos of your face, taken in natural light or a well-lit environment, ensuring no shadows on the face.

Photos will need to include 2 front portrait and 2 side profile photos. 


Full details of photos required will be emailed to you at the time of booking.

  • What happens during a Face Reading  session?


During this 1-hour session, Bridget will first focus on identifying your strengths, before discussing any  challenges you may face.


Referring to a photo of your face, Bridget will divide it into two mirror images: one showing the right-hand sides and the other showing the left-hand sides of your face. These images will unveil two facets of your character. The right side will depict your public persona, your masculine energy, and how you project yourself externally. The left side will reveal your inner self, your feminine energy, and occasionally, your hidden self.

Often, the two mirrored images look different, and Bridget will discuss this with you, helping you to understand the reasons why. Bridget will provide advice on how to  achieve greater balance between these dual aspects of yourself. Keep in mind that this assessment captures a specific moment and reflects your current state, as both your external appearance and inner self are continually evolving. 


Key points of discussion Bridget may cover include: 

  • Key strengths and challenges.

  • The impact of childhood experiences on present-day life. 

  • Style of thought and mental approach.

  • How you express yourself.

  • Your perspective on life.

  • Innate and learnt behaviours.


  •  More on Face Reading


Face Reading, also known as 'Physiognomy,' has a rich history in China spanning thousands of years.

Initially used in Chinese medicine to diagnose health conditions without the need for physical examination, it focused on factors like facial lines, skin colouration and the quality of tissue. This practice was not exclusive to the Chinese but also had a significant presence in Western history. The Greeks, including Aristotle and Plato, delved into physiognomy, while phrenology, studying bumps on the head, gained popularity in Europe and America in the eighteenth century. Even Abraham Lincoln, a revered American president, based his cabinet selections on facial characteristics.


Today, face reading can be applied in real-world applications, such as in business to better understand customers and staff, law enforcement in detecting deceit, helping psychologists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals to better serve their clients, as well as helping individuals to improve interpersonal relationships. 

From a young age we all develop the ability to interpret facial expressions, recognising and mimicking both subtle and overt changes in emotions. While facial features may resemble those of our families, each person's unique combination of features and traits provide insights into their personality, preferences, and life experiences.

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