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The Suitcase

Updated: May 30, 2023

Claustrophobia, or the extreme fear of confined spaces, is a debilitating condition that effects many people.

Although, I fortunately don’t suffer from this condition, I always remember a story shared with me, about a woman in her 60’s, who couldn’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t terrified of small spaces.

Diagnosed with cancer, as part of her treatment, she had to undergo a CT scan every couple of months.

What should be a straightforward and simple process, was the stuff of nightmares for her!

It would take her days prior to the appointment, to mentally prepare herself for the confined space of the scanning machine. What’s more, the only way to and from the medical centre was via a small, busy lift.

Having previously tried various forms of therapy without success, she decided to give Current Life Regression a go!

Under hypnosis, she was regressed back to the source of her claustrophobia.

She recalled an early memory at the age of 2, when her older brothers aged 4 and 6 at that time, played a childhood prank on her.

As part of a silly game, her brothers locked her in a suitcase, leaving her trapped inside for hours.

For most of her childhood and adult life, she had no conscious memory of this event.

Furthermore, she was astounded to discover that the source of her terror for so many years, was due to the mischievous, yet innocent actions of her own brothers.

Bringing this memory to light, turned out to be a profound step forward in this women’s journey of recovery.

If you currently suffer from phobias, or have experienced childhood trauma, consider Current Life Regression and / or Inner Child Healing as an alternative healing therapy.

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