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I recently celebrated a significant milestone, turning 50!!

Looking back on my last 50 years, I’ve certainly come along way, from that of a quiet, painfully shy, insecure girl who experienced a difficult childhood growing up in New Zealand. To a confident, strong, happy mother, wife and business owner living in Australia today.

I know in part, I became the woman I am today, because 4 years ago I decided to let go of a life that no longer served me. I stepped away from a well-paying corporate career and chose to follow my true-life purpose, that of a spiritual healer.

Looking back, I know, had I lacked the courage to change my life, I would still be stuck. Stuck in an unsatisfying job and living a lifestyle that wasn’t authentically who I am.

Do you currently feel stuck? Believe something is missing, or that life lack’s purpose and direction?

Consider Past Life Regression and / or Family Constellations as alternative healing therapies, to help you get unstuck. To help you discover your true-life purpose and what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential.


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