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A client I worked with recently, shared with me traumatic memories from her childhood.

Her father, an alcoholic, would often be violent and abusive towards her siblings and mother.

Her mother, too afraid to leave, would offer no protection for herself and younger brothers, when her father became angry and enraged whilst in a drunken stupor.

In response, I explained to my client that I you can’t change who your parents are, but you can change the way you hold them inside you.

I shared my belief that true happiness in life is unattainable, until such time that we make peace with our parents. In making peace with our parents, we make peace with ourselves.

Whether your mother and father are living or have passed away, consider changing the inner image of your parents through Family Constellations.

The work done in Family Constellations will help you on your healing journey, by presenting a new image of your parents. An image which acknowledges the baggage, behaviours, trauma and beliefs inherited from past generations.


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