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My life as a gladiator

Updated: May 30, 2023

Anxiety was a constant in my life, during the many years I worked in Banking.

I naturally assumed my anxiety, was the result of being exposed to a work environment that was stressful and at times toxic. It wasn’t until I decided to leave the corporate world and explore spiritual healing, which lead me down the path of studying Past Life Regression, that I learnt my anxiety was an old wound from a life lived in ancient Rome.

My first experience of Past Life Regression involved regressing back to the source of my anxiety, a life lived as a young man captured and enslaved by the Roman army.

I was forced to endure a harsh and short-lived life as a gladiator. I discovered the origin of my anxiety, was dying a horribly painful death in the arena, fighting a losing battle against a lion.

At the end of this life, my soul left my body and without hesitation returned to the spirit realms. In crossing over, I was greeted by my spirit guide and together we reviewed the life I just lived.

I learnt that this highly traumatic death was a soul lesson to teach me to have courage. In learning to be courageous, my soul could learn the ultimate lesson of loving myself.

I believe it is a lesson I am still trying to master in this lifetime.

In learning the origin of my anxiety, I was able to reframe and better understand why, for many years, I suffered from this debilitating condition.

Knowing that my soul had a grander plan in place, I was able to make peace with my anxiety and accept that it was a necessary learning experience in my life.

If like me, you are curious to know why you are living this life, having particular life experiences, relationships and more, maybe consider Past Life Regression to see the bigger picture and understand why you were born into this life.


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